RoboFormPassword Manager

RoboForm is a software which helps people to keep track of their passwords of different devices and websites. They are making our online experience much better and secure by encrypting and organizing our passwords.

Basically, it keeps you away from the hard work of not remembering too many passwords but just to go for one password and if the App is installed in your phones, you can open all the Apps and devices with just one master password.

App Security

RoboForm has been around a long time and it works quite well. People love being on it and they don’t have issues to sync their phones with it because they feel secure with it and it is easy to use too. There are too many passwords to remember but with the help of RoboForm, people have a better experience with their online activities.

The customers are happy to pay for an app that proves secure and safe and one can easily share their information with it. Users, according to the surveys are relying on it for the generation of new and unique passwords.

RoboForm password manager helps you to generate and to keep the track of your generated passwords too and it makes it secure for the user.

There are so many users that have been using RoboForm for many years. RoboForm Chrome is the best of them to use because the usage is smooth and perfect. According to the majority of the users, it has always worked well in windows and on android/smartphone.

Newest version fills user name with everything from the notes section and not the user name which has created few problems for the users. Otherwise, it is a perfect App for the people having so many social media Accounts.

RoboForm for Different Platforms

Different browsers are not allowing the attachment RoboForm password manager. Remember that you can always access your data on your friend’s comp by logging into your RoboForm online account here: .

That would be pretty much convenient for the user and if still, the users are facing different problems, they can contact the support team so RoboForm founders can assist them further at .

The best part about the App is that this mobile App can get synced with any PC too. It can get Synced with YOUTUBE named as RoboForm YouTube. If you have to change any kind of password on any web page, the website asks for the surety first.

RoboForm Reviews

 People are calling this App as a lifesaver thing because they are using it for a long time and it was hard for them to remember so many passwords and with the help of RoboForm Password manger, they are able to manage their passwords very well. 

According to the reviews, the summary is that in the start the App had some glitches. It was unable to work in different browsers but the new update from the founders helped the people to use it in different platforms.

After going through the complaints of the people, the founders introduced the new version. It did fix some issues like not logging into new devices and autofill issue. The team has introduced the help center.

Please submit a ticket to their team so they may investigate and assist.  Submit the ticket at;

RoboForm vs the Last Pass

LastPass is a password manager like RoboForm but it is a freemium App while RoboForm password manager is a premium App. LastPass stores password online.

The standard version of LastPass comes with a web interface, but also includes plugins for various web browsers and apps for many smartphones. It also includes support for bookmarklets.

The features of both Apps are almost similar but the only difference is LastPasshas free downloads but for RoboForm, you have to pay in order to download it.

For a certain period of time, the LastPass is free but after a while, the user has to pay for further use.  The features of both Apps are different too. The premium App (RoboForm) has better features than the freemium brand (last Pass).

LastPass is a freemium password manager that stores encrypted passwords online. The standard version of LastPass comes with a web interface, but also includes plugins for various web browsers and apps for many smartphones. It also includes support for bookmarklets.

RoboForm for Different Apps

 Suppose you are a very socially active person. You have Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat on your phone so that you can connect with different friends. Now in order to look for the job, you have made an account on LinkedIn and other Job seeking Apps.

After a while, you have installed a car booking app for your daily use. Managing all of this well but later on, you feel like downloading a Dating App or matrimonial App. For your fitness routine, you have downloaded a fitness App.

Now sit back and think, don’t you think that it is hard to manage the password and account details of these apps. To deal with it, RoboForm is the best solution. This premium App will help you to deal with all the issues related to the App’s password and management.

RoboForm is facing many problems in the start with the autofill and login to other devices. Many people switched to LastPass but after new few updates, the App is secure, valid and easy to use.

Also, the new update has made it a more reliable App for the customers. It doesn’t have Hanged issues too. Moving on to the awareness of the people, the biggest subject is that the founders should spread awareness to their targeted customers in order to make them feel secure while using it.

After the awareness step, the next step is to launch freemium samples of the App to attract more and more customers. The features of the App are better than its competitors but still, the marketing strategy needs improvement a bit. A good marketing strategy can help the product value to improve.


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