The Best Backup Tool: Crashplan for Small Business Reviewed

The Best Backup Tool: Crashplan for Small Business Reviewed

The best backup tool, CrashPlan for small business is a very popular online backup software. Formerly it was known as CrashPlan Pro. Before I introduce you to Crashplan for small business, I want to clarify the matter of online data backup software.

What is online data backup Software?

An online data backup software is a type of software which is used to create duplicates of all the data of a computer and store them in a safe cloud storage space.

So, you can get the data anytime from anywhere even if you lose your data from your device or the whole device.

If you have a business, home office or enterprise, you need to keep your information and data safe & secure. Saving this data in your computer is not enough to make sure that they are secured.

You may lose your computer or they can be destroyed by malware, human mistake or any other cause.

In this situation, you feel like someone would help you get these data. Surely, there is so many software that can help you recover from your loss. This software is commonly known as data backup software.

Why should you use cloud backup software?

CrashPlan for Small Business Free Trial

It is possible to save any digital data without backup software. But it is not a sustainable solution. It is time-consuming too. For the following reasons, we should use cloud backup software.

Hardware Failure

Suppose, your device/computer has been destroyed or the device is not working properly. Now you need to purchase another device or replace the current one.

Unfortunately, you cannot recover all the previous data in some cases of failure. In this situation, if you might use a cloud backup software that software would keep your data harmless.


Theft is a common problem in our society. If your device is stolen you have to face a very unhappy moment. You may capture some high-quality amazing picture of you in some charming place.

All the data will go to the dog if you don’t use cloud backup software. In this type of unhappy situation, cloud backup software will behave like your best friend.

Natural Disasters

The natural disaster like flood, tornado, tsunami, earthquakes may damage your sweet family photos, devices, workstation, etc. including your important data. So, back your data up with the best backup software like CrashPlan.


Ransomware’s can attack your computer and encrypt your files & data. If you use backup software, you will never face such situations.

The cloud backup software will continuously copy your data to their server and keep them secured. But, here is a question of trust and reliability. Whom you should believe to store your valuable data & information.

To give the answer to this question I am going to show you some features of good & trusted cloud backup services.

  1. First, you should strictly look for the quality of services provided through the software. It should have an easy user interface, ready to use, a backup app and own secure cloud storage.
  2. It should have the latest online version to make sure that it is updated with new security and safety precautions. It should continuously take a backup from your device. When you make a change, it should be able to update your data with changed information.
  3. It should be supported on multiple platform and operating system. For example, Crashplan has windows, Linux, Mac, and iOS.

If you get all of these must-have featured in backup software, you can use it. Here, I would like to recommend Crashplan as it has all these necessary qualities & features.

Crashplan for Small Business, The Best Backup Tool

Crashplan for small business is an easy to use cloud backup tool having unlimited data backup and recovery facility.

It is a product of code42 enterprise which is a leading company in the world of data protection. The code42 provides critical protection for more than 47000 brand organizations in the world. Crashplan is a sub-product of this large and famous enterprise.

Let’s have a look at the services, features, and facilities of CrashPlan for small business.

Features of CrashPlan for small business

Continuous and silent

CrashPlan works silently in the background of your device. It will not disturb your job. It will not consume much CPU or power. Just stay cool about its performance.

It will work uninterruptedly. Even if you shut down your device or stop the software, it will automatically active while you reboot your device.

Crashplan is 24 hours available

Backup service of Crashplan is 24 hour on. You need not turn on or turn off every time. Whenever you are available CrashPlan automatically will start taking backups. If you create or modify any files it will update your data with the very latest information.

Affordable for all

Crashplan for small business is an affordable package. Beginners also can purchase it with a very little cost as only $10 per month. This is relatively cheap than the other backup service-providing industries.

CrashPlan offers a free trial opportunity for you. You can subscribe for a free trial for 30 days. Within this period you can back up unlimited data from an unlimited number of devices and use unlimited data from storage for those 30 days only.

It is as simple as that after the deadline of the free trial you have to pay $10 per month per computer. So, why getting late?

Protection for deleted files

CrashPlan will store your deleted file in their server even if you have not asked for. Your data will be safe there for an unlimited time. Anytime you need your deleted data again, don’t worry just search for it on the cloud storage of Crashplan.

Unlimited cloud storage

Purchasing a CrashPlan for small business you will have no headache for gigabytes or terabytes of storage space. CrashPlan will provide you with unlimited backup storage space. They will never demand charge for any kind of file downloading or uploading.

Smarter tool for backup

Crashplan is a smart tool for backup files. It will back up your latest created and modified files first. Then it backs up the other files and updates existing files with modified information.

Crashplan crawls all files and sweeps off the duplicate files. Thus it makes your collections short and simple with necessary files only.

The best secure backup tool

CrashPlan provides AES 256 encryption with a private key option to its subscribers. This harder combination of security measures will keep your files away from any harm and makes the data store virtually impenetrable.

Moreover, Crashplan emphasizes more importance for data centers to provide them with a military-grade and powerful security.

Back up for external devices

Many of us use external devices for keeping extra data if the data storage limit is minimum. So, if you think that what would be for external devices? Don’t worry. CrashPlan is designed for keeping back up of all the data both from your device and external hard drives.

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