Campaign Monitor Reviews

Campaign Monitor Reviews

Email marketing is one of the oldest yet most effective tools for digital marketing. But to make it effective, you have to be unique and apply some strategies. The market is not like before nowadays. It is more competitive and every day changing.

As a result, with old strategies as well as tools, you cannot get a good result for sure. You need new as well as effective tools. Campaign Monitor is one of those tools that will help you be successful in email marketing.

Do you know what it is, how it works, what the features are, or what the price is? If not then this is the article for you. In this article, I am going to review the Campaign monitor so that you have all the answer you need and be sure about the use of it. So without any further due, let’s get started. Here we go.

What is Campaign monitor?

Campaign Monitor is an online email marketing tool that enables the marketers to design the email as per his or her demand, send the bulk amount of emails at once and check the analytics. It has almost all the tools you need for your successful email marketing. We are going to discuss the features shortly.

The company behind the tool has upgraded many features in this tool that make the tool even more effective and useful. The tool will allow you to design your email by drag and drop, easily send a bulk amount of emails, and check the status of your email. This is a must-have tool for you, any email marketer for him or his client.

Features of Campaign monitor

You have already known that this tool offers a lot of features. Now it is time to know what those features are. Actually, it has those features that you must need in email marketing. Here are those.

Create attractive and effective emails

Just think about it. How many emails do you receive every day? And how many emails do you open every day? I am sure you do not open that many emails at all, especially those promotional emails. And even if you open any promotional email relevant to you, you do not last long in it.

Same goes for you. When you send an email, your audience does not last long in your email most of the time. And if that happens, you cannot deliver the right message to the customer. This is a big problem for sure. Campaign monitor works here.

It has a feature that allows you to create attractively as well as effective email for your customer so that your audience read it and engage more. You can easily design your email from hundreds of template. And you do not have to use any code or invest a lot of time in it to design the email. It has drag and drops feature to design easily. With this drop and drag email builder, you can easily create your brand.

Marketing automation

It is quite impossible for any marketer to customize each and every email when you have a large number of the subscriber. What if you have an automation method? That is surprising, right? Well, that is what you will get from Campaign monitor. All you have to do is to set the email and import all of your subscribers as well as their information. Then you can sit and wait. The Campaign monitor will do rest of the things. It is as simple as that.


Sending the right message to the right person, at the right time, is an art. And you can do it when you have all the information about the customer such as his interest, their dislikes, and others. When you know that info, you can easily customize the message and send the right message to the customer.

Campaign Monitor helps you find these data by connecting to your website, your apps or e-commerce store. Then this tool leverage these data in order to send even more effective emails. This increases sales and increases your profit for sure.


When it comes to personalization, it is nearly impossible for anyone to send a different message to a different person. Instead, what smart people do is segmentation. That means you will do segmentation based on the interest of your customer and based on that interest, you will send them messages.

This is the tool that will help you do this segmentation so that you can do better marketing.

Sign up form

To collect the data or make a subscription, you need a good looking landing page so that your visitors become your subscriber and you can send them a newsletter every week. By doing that, you can reach even more audience.

But to do that, you need a good landing page. Campaign Monitor has a feature called sign up form by which you can easily create a landing page to collect the data you need for your email marketing.


No matter how good you are doing, there is always a scope for doing better. And in order to do that, you need to know the performance of your emails. But how can you know that? Well, there is a way and that is what the Campaign monitor is offering to you.

It has a feature called analytics that enables you to monitor the performance of your email marketing. You can see how your emails are performing and how the engagement is.

By checking that, you can easily understand what you need to do to make it better. Also, you can see what templates are doing better and what are not.

Other than these features, you will have social shares, app integration, and mobile readable email template that will make your marketing better than ever. This is an amazing tool for sure.


When it comes to pricing, you will be amazed to see the price. Below I am going to talk about the details about the pricing of this Campaign monitor.

30 days trial

This is the most amazing part in my opinion. I have told you that this is an amazing tool. But what if you do not like it? What if this app does not come to your work? Well, for that, this tool is offering a 30 days trial. With this trial offer, you can check whether this tool is suitable for you or not.

Also, you can understand the effectiveness of this tool. You can easily understand how good this tool is that it is offering a 30 days trial. How confident the company is about their tool!


This is a good package for the beginner. The package starts at 9/month. But with this basic package, you will get all the features of the Campaign monitor that I have mentioned above. With all these features, you will get 2500 emails across your campaign and automated emails as well.

Also, you will get basic marketing automation. Other than that, the analytics suite will be given. And lastly, you will get customer support via email. That means though it is a basic package at a cheaper price, it has almost all the things you need as a beginner.


This package is for those who frequently create email campaigns. It starts with 29/month. So what are the differences between the basic package and this one? Well, this one has some additional features than the previous one. But there are some differences as well.

You will get unlimited emails across your campaign and automated mails as well. Along with that, instead of general customer support, you will get priority customer support. Also, it comes with unlimited spam testing, unlimited inbox preview, countdown timer, and time zone sending that were not available in the previous basic package.

Premium Package

If you want the best result and want to get the most out of this tool then this package is for you. This premium package starts from $149/month only. In this package, you will get all the features of the previous package such as unlimited emails for your campaign, analytics, and other tools for better result.

Along with those features, you will get pre-build engagement segment, advanced link tracking, send-time optimization, and email builder section looking. With all these features, you can do all the things you should do in your email marketing.

Pay Per Campaign

 And lastly, if you do not want to take any monthly subscriber package because you want to send emails very occasionally then you can use pay per campaign as well. In this package, you do not have to pay any monthly fee, you can do a campaign with only 5$. Isn’t it amazing?

These are the main pricing of Campaign monitor tool.


There are a lot of pros to this tool. However, I am going to tell you only a few.

With this tool, you can easily design your email that attracts the customer and makes them buy your product.

It comes with a content customization feature. That means you can easily customize your content. You know, content is the king.

You will have dynamic as well as responsive content that suits both in mobile and computer. Also, you will have analytics to check the performance. Other than that, social sharing and segmentation can be done with this app.

The tool is very simple to use. Even you are a complete beginner, you can use this tool easily and get the best result from it.


There are no such cons in my opinion. But when you will become a top expert, you might not need this tool at all. That means this tool is not suitable for the top expert. Are you a top expert?


This tool is simple yet very effective for email marketing. Despite email marketing is the oldest marketing strategy for sure, it still has effectiveness. But you will get the effect only when you will have a tool like this one.

You cannot get success with your old strategies and old tools. In this modern world, everything is changing and when it comes to digital marketing, it is much more changing than anything.

That is why you have to be smart enough and up to date all the time with strategies as well as tools. So without any further delay, take the trail package and check the effectiveness of this tool for your email marketing success.

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