Best Free Online Fax Service Provider eFax Reviews

Best Free Online Fax Service Provider eFax Reviews

If you are looking for an online fax service, eFax is one of the best options available out there to consider. It would provide you with the chance to send faxes and receive faxes via a web interface. In addition to that, you will also be able to get faxes directly to your mail client.

You can call eFax as the best fax service because it comes along with a dedicated mobile app as well. It can help you to manage your faxes on the go. Another useful feature that you get with eFax is that it can help you to configure both toll-free and international numbers.

eFax Security Solutions

When you are using eFax, you don’t need to worry too much about security. That’s because it comes along with improved security features. These security features can provide you with the opportunity to keep the peace of mind when you are sending faxes or receiving faxes.

You can add a passcode to protect all your incoming faxes with eFax. Nobody will be able to access faxes without knowing your dedicated eFax number and the password.

The connection created by eFax to connect to the network is an SSL connection. Hence, you can make sure that no third party can tap into the connection and get hold of data that is being transferred you and the server.

It is also possible for you to tag, search, add comments or sign faxes as well. This can help you deliver an extra layer of credibility to the faxes. You can get an eFax 30 days free trial and see how these security features work. Then you can make the full payment and purchase a monthly subscription plan.

eFax Pricing and Plan 

There are two different pricing tiers in eFax. It is up to you to go through your requirements and register with the most appropriate pricing tier out of them. These two pricing tiers are named as Plus and Pro.

When you sign up for Plus plan, you will have to pay $16.95 per month. It can provide you with 150 outbound faxes and 150 outbound faxes per month. If you want better results, you can sign up for the Pro plan. It offers 200 incoming faxes and 200 outbound faxes.

No matter with what package you go ahead with, there is a one-time setup fee of $10, which you have to pay at the beginning. If you in case if you exceed the limit of faxes provided to you, you will have to pay an amount of $0.10 for every outbound and incoming fax.

If you are sending faxes to international numbers, you will have to pay a bit more. The exact amount you have to pay depends on the country. For example, if you are going to send a fax to Australia, it would cost you in between $0.10 to $0.40 per page. Phone number type and recipient career would create an impact on the final amount that you have to pay.

If you are planning to send out faxes to local clients, eFax can be considered as the cheapest fax service. In general, the expenses associated with the service are affordable and you can think about using it while keeping the peace of mind.

Metrofax vs eFax 

Metrofax is one of the biggest competitors of eFax. Many people who look for a cheap online fax service prefer to go ahead with one out of these two options. eFax is linked with J2 Global Affiliation, which has millions of customers. The number of people who use Metrofax is considerably low.

When it comes to price, Metrofax offers a lower monthly subscription. You will have to pay $7.95 for the starting plan. For this amount, you will receive a total number of 500 incoming and outgoing taxes.

When you take a look at the design and ease of use, you will figure out that eFax holds a prominent place. Both these services share the same DNA, but you will find the interface of eFax more visually appealing. It will be relatively easy to use as well. All the sections in eFax are clearly labeled to keep you away from hassle. eFax also has many advanced features when compared to Metrofax. For example, you can easily share large files with eFax due to its integration with FuseMail. You can even receive a read receipt when someone downloads the file.

eFax vs MyFax

Services offered by MyFax is relatively cheap when compared to eFax. However, it is not the cheapest fax service as well. It will not offer free international fax as well.

MyFax will provide you with 200 inbound faxes and 100 outbound faxes for just $10 per month. International faxes offered by MyFax is limited only to 48 countries. Therefore, people who send out faxes to international numbers are strongly encouraged to think about using eFax.

One of the biggest drawbacks that you can find in MyFax is that it doesn’t offer an Android app. You will be able to get only the iOS app.  Likewise, eFax has an advantage when it comes to security as well. For example, you can add enhanced security to your received faxes, so that a viewer will be forced to enter eFax number and passcode to access.

Both these service providers offer 24×7 support over the phone.

Final Words

Now you have a clear understanding of what eFax is and what services you can get out of it. Instead of sticking to your ordinary fax line, you can make the switch to eFax. It can provide you with enhanced convenience when managing taxes. Faxing via the internet is receiving a lot of attention and it is the high time to go ahead with a reliable service provider such as eFax.

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