Airfarewatchdog Reviews: Get the Best Deal on Travel Booking

Traveling has become very popular these days. Approximately 1.4 billion people are traveling globally every year. For traveling around the world, the first thing that is actually important is the flight. 

While traveling, people are looking for the cheapest plane fares. According to ATAG, there are 28,000 aircraft are available internationally. It is not possible for anyone to search the plane fares manually. That’s why people take help from travel booking websites.

Now the question is that there are thousands of travel booking websites on the internet. Which one is the best for searching plane fares?

Well, today I will discuss one of the most popular plane fare search engines with you. That is none other than Airfarewatchdog.

Airfarewatchdog Overview

Airfarewatchdog is basically a free flight fare search engine. It will help you to find out the lowest possible flight fares for your desired destinations.

They have a group of expert team members who are really passionate about traveling. They are doing business for the last 10 years and providing the best possible price to their customers.

Everyday Airfarewatchdog searches over 20,000 routes to figure out the lowest possible flight fares for their customers.

Besides, you will find all airlines information, Daily top fares, weekend deals, cheapest months for traveling, and lots more information on their website.

Why You Should Choose Airfarewatchdog?

There are hundreds of websites available on the internet for searching for flights. And you might be thinking why I am recommending Airfarewatchdog to you. Right?

Well, there are certain reasons why I am recommending this website to all of you.

Flight Search to Anywhere


Airfarewatchdog is an amazing flight search engine website. You can search for flights anywhere in the world. They will show you the lowest possible fares. Not only that they will give you email alerts if the prices go lower or higher. 

Besides, Airfarewatchdog will show you the flight fares according to seat availability. According to my research, I did not find any other flight search engine website who are actually concerned about seat availability. 

Top Value

Airfarewatchdog is concerned about its customers. They will show you the lowest possible price among all flight including the small flights. Moreover, they will also show you the best routes with limited stopovers.

Real-time Price

All of us know that flight prices vary a lot. In most of the flight search engines, I have seen that they won’t show you the real-time flight fares. But if you search your flight fares with their website, they will show you the real-time pricing. Even, they will notify you of the price via your email if the price has changed.

Expert Team

Airfarewatchdog has an expert team for providing the best possible service to their clients. All the team members are really hardworking and passionate about traveling. Every day they are searching over 20,000+ routes to provide you the best price for your desired trip.

How it Works

Airfarewatchdog has an expert team who continuously track airfare information. They check thousands of routes every day to provide the best deals to their customers. All the deals are based on flight quality, stopovers, flight time, weekdays and holidays pricing, historical pricing, etc.

They show real-time pricing to the users on their website. You can also compare the pricing here. Besides, they will also notify the latest price on your email.

Pros and Cons

Everything is this universe has pros and cons. Airfarewatchdog has some advantages and disadvantages as well. I have researched a lot about them and find out some pros and cons. 


  • Compare pricing facility
  • Shows the best deals, and limited stopovers
  • Provide tips for choosing the lowest flight fares
  • Email Alerts


  • Plane fares open in different windows. The interface might confuse the users.

User Experience

According to my research, I have found a mixed user experience review about Airfarewatchdog. Though most of the reviews are positive. But there are some users who are complaining about the user interface of their website. 

When a person searches for a flight, the plane fares open in different windows. This is the reason that makes the user disappointed.

Moreover, most of their customers think that it is a travel booking website. But unfortunately, it is not. Airfarewatchdog is a flight search engine website where you will find the best deals for your desired destination. They will provide you suggestions and advice on how to book your flights.

On the other hand, people are interested to search their flights online with airfarewatchdog, because they will give their users some tips to select their flights at an affordable rate.

What’s New!

Airfarewatchdog has introduced a hotel search engine on their website. Now you can search for the best deals on accommodation while you are traveling. Airfarewatchdog wants to make your trip a lifetime experience. That’s why they are trying to improve their service day by day.

Airfarewatchdog will be the best choice for choosing your flights. I have used it several times and I am satisfied with the service. The email alert service is awesome. I would highly recommend you to try it at least once. I am sure that it will be worth it.

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